Are you ready for an extraordinary experience, guaranteed to be a life-time personal investment? Be assured that this week will be jam-packed with fun, hard work and personal accomplishment. During a minimum of 40 hours of practical hands-on training we cover a lot of information and a large range of techniques and skills. The course is suitable for all skill levels, from beginners onwards. You will leave feeling well equipped to start with independent manufacturing.


                     Cape Town:     5-Day Essential Skills Course 
                                              1-Day Workshops

                     Inland:              5-Day Essential Skills Course

                     Namibia:          5-Day Essential Skills Course



  • We respect your privacy and will not disclose personal information provided on your registration form to a third party.
  • Our courses are presented in both English and Afrikaans.
  • We make effort to keep training structured, but informal, to be as enjoyable as it is for the purpose of learning.
  • Please make notes and take as many photos possible of work in progress during the course.
  • Do not overdress as we'll be getting our hands and clothing dirty.