Start-up Toolkit

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Having a well-equipped toolbox is essential for completing high-quality leathercraft projects.  This standard Toolbox is a great companion to get started with the manufacturing of Chromium Tanned (soft upholstery) Leather goods. 


The following high quality, custom made items are proudly manufactured in SA by a qualified millwright:

  • Stitching Chisels - Set of three; 3mm prongs, 3mm gaps
  • Stitching Chisels - Set of three; 2mm prongs, 2mm gaps
  • Rivet Setters - Set of two; suitable to set rivets within a 5- 9mm cap range
  • Slit Cutters - Set of two; 4mm & 12mm
  • Stitch Setter
  • Anvil
  • Table Top Stitch Pony - Steel
  • Mallet


  • Plastic Toolbox 400 x 200 x 175
  • Awl
  • Bees Wax
  • Brushes - Set of three
  • Clamps - 2 x spring 
  • Cutting Rounds - set of 4
  • Leather Marking Pen
  • Lighter
  • Mini Hole Punch Set
  • Punch Block 200 x 250 x 20mm
  • Saddlers Needles x 4
  • Sharpening Block
  • Thread Nipper
  • Utility Knife
  • Wing Divider

Lead time:  Maximum 7 days from order to dispatch, because good quality, handcrafted tools take a little more time.

Note:  Item brands may differ as a result of availability from our suppliers.